About the Artist

Our human, Barbara Hutchins, doesn’t know how to write about her own art. So, us cats are going to have to take a break from eating, sleeping, purring and playing to help her out.
There are a few of us, and we are all rescues, special needs or sanctuaried older cats. Two of us were adopted into wonderful furrever homes, but rebelled and acted out so we could be brought back. We are model cats now-mostly.
We do a lot for our human, like pose for paintings, inspire her, and teach her spiritual stuff, (which she likes a lot). Such as how to meditate looking out windows while remaining in the present, fully aware of that butterfly, and appearing to ignore it. Or about reincarnation, relaxation, attachment, and big questions concerning what is reality and what is illusion. We have stories, oh do we have stories!
Our human takes very good care of us, which is expensive. So, she got the idea to use her love of  watercolor to create paintings that people could enjoy of their much loved cats, dogs, bunnies, goats, fish, turtles, birds- well you get it. Portraits that would be out of the ordinary, say something special, and make people happy while raising funds to look after us. And to support our veterinarian! Sigh.
There are other paintings too. Indulgences in color for the sheer joy of it, landscapes, why not, just because and narrative paintings. So have a look. Hope you enjoy and if the spirit moves you, buy a painting or contact us to arrange for an original pet portrait.

The Art Thief

Bodhi Boo, highly accomplished eternal kitten, wanted for stealing expensive watercolor brushes whenever he can.

The Art Director

Ocispot slinkybutt, of the Slinkybutt clan. Benevolent leader of the pack.

The Muse

Magpie is the oh so talkative inspiration for “The Magpie Chronicles”.

The Queen

 Dewa Dakini the Blissful Sky Dancer, in charge of all things beautiful, mystical and sweet.

The Cuddler In Chief

Big Earred Freckletoed Fingerbiter. She didn’t do it! (Alone anyway).