Unique Custom Pet Portraits

Not the same old thing; totally outside of the box! Watercolor & multimedia paintings of beloved furry, & sometimes feathered friends. For fun, a creative gift, or a remembrance.
Enjoy a few examples:


This painting was commissioned as a gift to remember Maxwell on the first anniversary of his crossing the rainbow bridge. Among the watercolors used are some with precious pigments of real crystals including turquoise, jade, rhodonite, amethyst and a Mayan blue.

Magpie Dreams She is in a Klimt Painting

Pet paintings are thoughtful gifts! This is one of a series called “The Magpie Chronicles”

Billy the Alpine Goat and Neighborhood Celebrity

Energetic and so very lovable!

Rinchen Munchkin- The Precious Jewel

Beloved companion, noble being leaving his incarnation as a Main Coon Cat and crossing the Rainbow Bridge. He taught me a lot about how only the body dies. Even so, it took awhile to paint this, since missing him still sometimes pours out my eyes and made splats in the watercolor.

Marshmallow is very mellow!

This kitty is enjoying the catnip while contemplating wishes on the lamp!

Aztec Dancer's Doggo

This very brave boy has a scar on his nose from defending his human from an attacker. Selfless love!


Dad got a painting of his Jaguar for Christmas!


A very rare moment of sitting still! AKA “Wild Doggie”. Yes- part Terrier! Love those floppy ears!

Blissful Skydancer (Dewa Dakini)

This beautiful being is a gift from spirit, probably even a Bodhisattva incarnated to teach. Her story would make your heart sing. Maybe someday, I’ll write it down. Maybe, no one would believe me. That really doesn’t matter, does it?

The Thinker

Pasha Pushypaws was rescued the day he was scheduled to be killed in an overcrowded shelter. He was labeled an aggressive cat. Very smart, and terrified, he knew what was happening and decided not to go without a fight- a fierce one. After a couple of months in his new home, he realized he was safe and loved, and turned into the biggest love bunny ever. Not even a hiss in over ten years.

Where to start:

Let’s be in touch! Tell me how to contact you by filling in the form below. What are you looking for? Share some pictures and tell me about the pet’s personality, quirks, endearing habits etc. We can discuss cost, how long it will take and any questions you have.

Check out the examples to find out more about how other paintings were created and why.

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A loving Father commissioned this for his little girl. She is sure to remember for a lifetime!

The Rainbow Bridge

A way to remember, comfort or send condolances. Landscape painting with rainbow. Could be seascape, or mountains, or meadow… Rainbow was added to this idyllic scene in the South of England. Thank you to Margot Lofts for her reference photo.


What a regal kitty! Queen of her humans’ hearts.

Get Well Painting for Molly!

Much loved Molly is getting better! Her human is Paul Clark, amazing artist and teacher in England. (Check out the great tutorials on YouTube).

Timi the Timid Kitten

Napping on the Friskies Box after too much catnip! Portraits can be funny and playful!