Unique Custom Pet Portraits

Not the same old thing; totally outside of the box! Watercolor & multimedia paintings of beloved furry, & sometimes feathered friends. For fun, a creative gift, or a remembrance.

Where to start:

Let’s be in touch! Tell me how to contact you by filling in the form below. What are you looking for? Share some pictures and tell me about the pet’s personality, quirks, endearing habits etc. We can discuss cost, how long it will take and any questions you have.

Check out the examples to find out more about how other paintings were created and why.

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A loving Father commissioned this for his little girl. She is sure to remember for a lifetime!


This painting was commissioned as a gift to remember Maxwell on the first anniversary of his crossing the rainbow bridge. Among the watercolors used are some with precious pigments of real crystals including turquoise, jade, rhodonite, amethyst and a Mayan blue.

The Rainbow Bridge

A way to remember, comfort or send condolances. Landscape painting with rainbow. Could be seascape, or mountains, or meadow…Rainbow was added to this idyllic scene in the South of England. Thank you to Margot Lofts for her reference photo.

Examples of Pet Paintings to Inspire and Enjoy!

Dewa Dakini

A very elegant kitty! Special and unique in every way. You can request an artistic interpretation of your pet too!


A very rare moment of sitting still and posing for the camera! A  good look at that cute face and those floppy ears!


Love that nice warm laundry! A portrait can be a moment in time, a look at an endearing habit of a furry friend.

Get Well Painting for Molly!

Much loved Molly is getting better! Her human is Paul Clark, amazing artist and teacher in England. (Check out the great tutorials on YouTube).

Aztec Dancer's Doggo

This very brave and loyal doggie got the Badge of Courage (scar) on her face defending her human from a knife attack.

The Thinker...

Pasha Pushypaws was rescued from a shelter just in time. Black cats can be a challenge to paint, but the light reflections in his fur are a part of his charm.

Timi the Timid Kitten

Napping on the Friskies Box after too much catnip! Portraits can be funny and playful!

Billy the Alpine Goat

Energetic and mischievous.

Magpie Dreams She is in a Klimt Painting

Pet paintings are thoughtful gifts!